KM Capital

Restructuring & Turnarounds

1.- Strategic and financial consulting from early diagnosis, financial and operational restructuring and or turnaround, corporate carve out strategies, among others.

2.- We develop financial and operational strategies to better serve the company and their investors. Made to measure strategies for growth.

3.- We reinforce the Board of Directors through periodical steering committees that take place weekly  or monthly.


  • Producto.
  • Price.
  • Competition.
  • Strategic and Market Positioning.
  • Marketing and Sales.

Human Resources

  • Talent Acquisition.
  • Organizational. Development.
  • Compensation.


  • Operations.
    • Production.
    • Commercial.
    • Services.
    • Quality & Service.
Emma Newman

Emma Newman

Chief Architect

We engaged Paul Trueman of quarty Studio to manage the planning process and to design and manage a full renovation and remodelling of our 1930s house. We really enjoyed working with Paul. We would not hesitate to
recommend Paul and Quarty.

Management & Finance

  • Treasury.
    • Credit Collection.
    • Accounts Payable.
    • Banks.
  • Accounting.
    • Accounting and. Cost structure.
    • Budget.
    • Fiscal.

We worked with Quarty Studio for approximately 2 years on the complete overhaul of our house. This included the design of the project, and the execution of the work. Quarty provided excellent design ideas but were also indispensable in managing the practical side of the build.

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